Donate Your Favorite Color

Make the world a more beautiful place. 🙂 Donate towards a cause that is related to your favorite color.



While a pig may not be on your wish list, it could be just what a family in poverty needs. Families can breed and sell pigs (one pair of pigs can have up to 4 litters a year) as a source of sustainable income. Even pigs’ manure is useful — it’s a natural fertilizer for the family garden. Give a pink pig today through World Help. 




I realize not all fruits are oranges. But hey, mangoes and peaches are sort of orange, right? Anyway, giving a fruit tree to a family can keep vulnerable children from becoming malnourished, and it can provide them with a source of income. Donate a fruit tree through World Help today.




One chicken can lay between 150–300 eggs per year. These eggs provide a regular source of food and income to a family, and give growing children the protein needed to stay healthy. Chicken’s manure can also be used as fertilizer. Give a pair of chickens today through World Help.




Vegetables may not be extremely exciting to you. But for a poor family or a widow struggling to raise her children, a vegetable garden is a steady source of healthy food. World Help’s national partners make sure to give families the seeds that are most likely to flourish in the local area. Give garden seeds through World Help today.




Dirty drinking water is a leading cause of child mortality. Dirty water also causes illiteracy — children who drink dirty water will be weak and often sick, so they will not be able to attend school regularly. Lastly, dirty water can kill farm animals, destroying a family’s source of food. Change lives with the gift of clean water through World Help.




For many children, school uniforms may be as precious as royal purple robes. Many cultures require school uniforms, but struggling families (especially those with more than one child) may not be able to afford their children’s uniforms on top of school tuition fees. Help a child gain an education: give a school uniform today through World Help.


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