Share Your Passions

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What do you love doing most? Reading? Exercising? Your career? Families and children around the world share your interests! Here are 5 ways to share your passions with people around the world through the Humanitarian Aid organization, World Help.

1. Sleeping

Don’t we all love sleeping?! Whether you’re a college student, a busy mom, or someone else with a crazy busy life, you probably love sleep. People in Africa and certain parts of Asia love sleep, too, but their sleep is hindered by painful mosquito bites. These mosquitoes can carry malaria, a disease that takes over 400,000 lives every year. Donate a mosquito net so someone else can safely enjoy sleep.

2. Career

Is your career an exciting and fulfilling part of your life? Many adults in poverty long for a career that would allow them to break out of poverty and provide for their loved ones. Give a young adult a vocational school scholarship, so he/she can learn marketable skills and attain a rewarding career.

3. Reading

Do you love to lose yourself in a good book? Have you been inspired by reading a biography, or laughed at the jokes of fictional characters? Reading outside of school helps children learn more and develops their imagination. Unfortunately, books are hard to come by for poorer children. Donate a children’s book so a little girl or boy can enjoy reading, too.

4. Sports

Is playing sports your true love? Sports are a valuable way for children to exercise and make friends with other children. Some research also suggests that children with PTSD find sports healing. Donate sports equipment so children across the world can enjoy soccer, basketball, and other sports.

5. Biking

Do you love to bike? Bikes are an inexpensive way for a family or individual to travel to work, school, or, when necessary, to a hospital. For those whose school or job is too far away to walk to, a bike may literally change their life. Donate a bike so someone across the world can gain an education or earn money for their family.

Thank you for your loving generosity! Comment your thoughts and ideas below!


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