Reasons to Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a Child…

1. May literally save her life.

Malnutrition and preventable diseases are leading causes of child mortality in underdeveloped countries. World Help provides sponsored children with nutritious meals and medical check-ups so they can grow strong and healthy.

2. Provides him with an education.

Many families in poverty are unable to pay their children’s school tuition fees or purchase their required school uniforms and materials. World Help provides sponsored children with a free education, opening up a world of opportunities to them.

3. Protects her from traffickers.

Some families are so poverty-stricken that they will knowingly sell a daughter or son into sex trafficking. But many more families are tricked into giving their child to a trafficker who promises to give the child a good education. Providing a little girl or boy in poverty with education and daily essentials, such as food, protects them from being exploited by traffickers.

4. Gives him a chance to hear about Christ.

World Help shares the Gospel with every child in their sponsorship program. Many choose to accept Christ and so gain hope, love, and a faithful Friend and Father for eternity. Note: World Help does not require children to be Christians to be sponsored; they serve children regardless of their beliefs.

5. Breaks the cycle of poverty.

Children who are sponsored become educated adults who can find good jobs and provide for their families. This means that their children will also be able to go to school, become educated, and grow up to have good jobs. Not only does child sponsorship break the cycle of poverty, it starts a new cycle of opportunity.

Click here to learn how to sponsor a child through World Help.


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