5 Ways to Fight for Freedom

Over 45 million people are trapped in slavery around the world.

Young girls are forced into prostitution, teenage boys are enslaved on fishing boats, and entire families are trapped into working in quarries or brick kilns. International Justice Mission has rescued tens of thousands of people from slavery. Here are 5 ways you can help them in their continued fight for freedom.

1. Prevention

International Justice Mission (IJM) educates communities on the dangers of trafficking and teaches them how to identify traffickers. Knowing these signs helps vulnerable people avoid exploitation. Donate to help educate a community for $150.

2. Rescue

IJM works with local government and police forces to rescue victims of human trafficking. Help fund a sex trafficking rescue operation for $150. Or, give investigators tools to find victims for $50.

3. Provide Immediate Aftercare

Being rescued can be overwhelming and frightening to many victims of human trafficking. Provide comfort and practical care by giving a hot meal to two survivors for $7, or by giving one care package for $30.

4. Represent

In order for victims of human trafficking to be free, they often need to be represented in court by a lawyer impassioned for justice. Help cover the trial fees for $25 so a case can be heard, or help sponsor a lawyer for $100.

5. Rehabilitate

After being rescued, survivors of trafficking need to learn how to provide for themselves financially. Survivors also often need to heal emotionally from years of trauma and abuse. You can help provide therapy to victims of sex trafficking for $20, or, help a family learn the skills they need to live in freedom for $25.

Thank you so much for your compassionate giving! Comment below with your thoughts!


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