3 Ways to Share the Gospel with $20

If you’re a Christian, you know the most important thing you can share with others is the knowledge of the Gospel. Many times, we are used by God to reach people we interact with daily through our jobs or schools. However, sometimes God uses us to help reach people we might never meet. This post is about reaching people around the world with the Gospel.


1. Children’s Storybook Bibles

For $20, World Help can provide 20 refugee children with illustrated storybook Bibles. Give these children, who have been traumatized by war, a knowledge of the Prince of Peace.

2. Children’s Gospel Booklets

When Samaritan’s Purse hands out millions of Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes each year, they include a Gospel booklet with each box. For $20, 120 children can be reached with the Gospel. Help these children learn about Christ, the greatest Gift of all.

3. Digital Bible

In areas of the world where the Gospel cannot be taught openly, World Help distributes USB drives with the Bible and devotional materials downloaded onto them. Since each USB drive can be copied for free and distributed covertly, World Help estimates that just one drive (which costs $20) can reach as many as 50 people. Help persecuted Christians and searching unbelievers learn more about God’s love and forgiveness.

(Photo Cred: https://pixabay.com/en/bible-book-cover-leather-texture-1245795/)



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