3 Organizations that Help the Homeless

1. Bombas

Socks are the most requested items at homeless shelters. Since homeless people are constantly walking wherever they go, socks are worn through quickly. And, understandably, homeless shelters do not accept used socks as donations.

Bombas’ founders decided to help by creating a sock company. For every pair of socks they sell, Bombas donates another pair to a homeless shelter. Their socks are high-quality and designed for comfort. Bombas socks start at $12 per pair.

2. Gleaning For The World

Gleaning For The World, an organization that works both internationally and domestically, provides homeless people in the U.S. with high calorie MRE’s (meals-ready-to-eat) and thick blankets. They also try to work with local programs who are helping the homeless. Click here to donate.

3. Distributing Dignity

Many homeless women cannot afford the feminine hygiene products they need. In order to buy tampons or pads, they may have to go without a meal that day. Or, they may risk infection by using a pad or tampon for too long in an effort to save money. Distributing Dignity donates new bras and feminine hygiene products to homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and to houses that help girls aging out of the foster care system. Click here to donate.


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