5 Easy Ways To Change Someone’s World For $5

Maybe you want to make a difference, but you don’t think you have enough money to do so. This post is for you.

$5 Gives…

1 Aid Kit to a Refugee

World Help meets travelling refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border and gives out aid kits to them. These kits include clean drinking water, food, blankets, hygiene items, and an Arabic New Testament. For $5, you can give a refugee much-needed supplies.

2 Stuffed Animals

Children can cope with trauma better when they have a stuffed animal of their own. Samaritan’s Purse hands out soft, fuzzy lambs that play the “Jesus Loves Me” melody to children around the world. Children in hospitals and children who are blind especially enjoy these lambs. Giving $5 gives musical lambs to 2 children.

30 Gospel Booklets

Operation Christmas Child delivers hundreds of thousands of shoeboxes full of gifts and candy to children every year. Attached to each shoebox is a Gospel booklet so children can learn about Christ’s love for them. For $5, Samaritan’s Purse can provide Gospel booklets to 30 children.

1 Bible

Many Christians in persecuted countries do not have a Bible of their own. Additionally, many people have not heard about Christ at all and need an opportunity to read about him themselves. Giving World Help $5 allows them to give a Bible to someone who needs it.

1 Children’s Book

Recreational books can be hard to come by for many poor families. However, being able to read outside of school encourages a child’s curiosity and increases his/her reading abilities. Give $5 through World Help and help a child enjoy reading.

Comment below with your thoughts! Thank you for your generosity!


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