Imagine is one of my favorite words. Before any important action can be accomplished, one must have a goal. Before the goal, there must be a vision. And visions are born from imagining.

Imagining is necessary for change. If one is content with the status quo, nothing will change. Imagining something could be better is what eventually fuels reforms and revolutions.

Imagination is like fire: it can be used to create or destroy, to create hope or fear. Imagination gone bad creates monsters out of human beings, failures out of setbacks, and insurmountable challenges out of everyday risks.

But like fire that is guided and built up correctly, imagination can be a powerful source of beauty. Sonnets, metaphors, centaurs, Perelandra, Star Wars, hobbits and jazz music were all born from the imagination.

The Declaration of Independence, the Civil Rights movement, the telephone, electricity, and the first landing on the moon were also first born in the imagination.

Choose to create something beautiful with your imagination. See the world with color. Find beauty in human beings, possibilities in setbacks, new opportunities out of rejection, and joy in the everyday.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., dream a dream worth fighting for. Like Tolkien, create something that inspires people. Like the first astronauts, try something you have never done before. Like a child, imagine.

🙂 Have fun.


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