5 Reasons Rabbits Are a Great Gift

How a gift of rabbits can fight hunger and poverty.

1. Rabbits are Affordable

A pair of rabbits is only $20. For giving a family a source of income for years to come, that’s a pretty great deal.

2. Rabbits Really Do “Multiply Like Rabbits”

One pair of rabbits can have up to 50 rabbits each year.

3. Rabbits = Protein

Rabbits are a source of protein for growing children, protecting them from becoming malnourished.

4. Rabbits Are a Source of Income

Rabbits can be bred and sold as a source of income. In some cultures, rabbits are even traded without currency for food and clothing.

5. Rabbits Have Long-Term Benefits

A gift of rabbits provides a family with nutritious food and a source of income for many years.

Give a pair of rabbits through World Help for $20 today.


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