10 Simple Ways to Fight Poverty

Give a poor family a source of income, and you are giving them a long-term way to take care of themselves. This gives them a sense of dignity and hope for the future. Here are 10 ways to give families in impoverished countries a sustainable source of income.

1. Chickens ($14)

Eggs provide much-needed protein to growing children, and surplus eggs can be sold to provide income. Chicken droppings can also be used as fertilizer for the family garden. Give a dozen chicks today through Samaritan’s Purse for $14.

2. Rabbits ($20)

One pair of rabbits can have 50 rabbits in a single year. A pair of rabbits provides a family with a source of nutritious food and income for years to come. Give a pair of rabbits through World Help for $20 today.

3. Micro-loan ($25)

Many would-be business owners cannot afford to start their businesses on their own. Kiva provides small loans (or “micro-loans”) to help entrepreneurs start businesses. People also take out loans from Kiva to continue their education. Give a $25 microloan to an entrepreneur today.

4. Garden Seeds ($25)

A vegetable garden gives a family food to eat and to sell to others. World Help’s partners around the globe provide families with the best seeds for their local environments. Provide a family with garden seeds for $25 today.

5. Fruit Trees ($30)

Fruit trees provide families with vitamin-rich food, as well as fruit that they can sell year after year. Give a family a fruit tree through World Help for $30.

6. Vocational Scholarship ($30)

Help adults learn a profession such as sewing, welding, hair-styling or baking. Enable adults to provide for themselves and their families. Share in the cost of a vocational scholarship for $30 through World Help.

7. Help a Widow Start a Business ($50)

Many women are not able to provide for themselves after their husbands’ death. International Justice Mission (IJM) helps widows start their own businesses and gain economic independence. Help a widow start a business with a gift of $50.

8. Fishing Kit ($50)

Fish are a great source of protein and, with the right tools, can be a steady source of income. Give a family a fishing kit for $50 through World Vision so they can eat healthier and have a way to earn money.

9. Goat ($70)

Goats can survive in harsh conditions and climates, making them a perfect gift for struggling families around the world. Goats produce up to a liter of milk each day. Goat milk is full of calcium and protein, and surplus milk can be sold for an income. Goat manure is also an excellent garden fertilizer. Give a goat through Samaritan’s Purse for $70 today.

10. Sheep or Other Wool-Bearing Animal ($80)

Sheep’s milk has twice as many nutrients as cow’s milk, and sheep’s wool can be used to knit clothes and blankets. Sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, which can be sold or used for breeding. Families can also sell milk, cheese, and wool to provide an income as well. Give a sheep or other wool-bearing animal through Samaritan’s Purse for $80 today.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts! Thank you for your generosity!


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