5 Simple Ways to Help Children Live Past 5 Years

Give infants and children the medical attention, food and protection they need to survive their first five years.

1. Give a Mosquito Net ($10)

Malaria is the third largest killer of children worldwide. Mosquito nets are an effective way to protect families from malaria. Families put the mosquito nets around their beds, which protects them when the malaria-infected tsetse flies are most active during the evening and night. Donate a mosquito net for $10 through Samaritan’s Purse and allow a young child to sleep in safety.

2. Provide Food for a Mother and Her Newborn ($15)

Getting nutrients is especially important in the first few years of a child’s life. Compassion International provides mothers and young children with additional food and nutritional supplements and regularly checks infants for signs of malnutrition. Give an infant the nutrition they need to be healthy.

3. Rescue a Child Suffering From Malnutrition ($50)

World Help rescues children in Uganda, Guatemala and Haiti who are suffering from severe malnutrition. World Help gives these children the food, nutritional supplements and medical attention they need to recover. World Help then checks on the children and their families regularly to make sure they are staying healthy. Help save a child’s life today.

4. Provide Medical Care for Baby’s First Year ($60)

Compassion International can give doctor check-ups, vaccinations, and other forms of health care to a baby in their first year of life for only $60. Give an infant the medical care they need to survive.

5. Provide Clean Water Sources ($79)

Dirty water is a leading cause of death for children under five. The Last Well builds wells and provides clean water sources throughout Liberia, one of the poorest nations on earth. Provide a Liberian family with a safe water system so their children can stay healthy.

And one last way…

Bonus: Sponsor a Child ($38/month)

Child sponsorship provides children with medical checkups, nutritious food, health and hygiene training and educational assistance. Compassion International offers scholarships to children as young as two years old. Give a child a chance at surviving his/her first five years of life, as well as a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty in the future. Sponsor a child today.

Thank you for your loving generosity! Comment below or share with your friends!


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