4 Reasons to Give a Beehive

Here are four reasons to give a beehive to a family living in poverty:

1. Bees Are Good for the Earth

Bees pollinate about one-sixth of the flowering plants worldwide. Due to the widespread use of pesticides, bee populations have struggled in recent years. Giving a beehive is an easy way to help the earth.

2. Honey Is Healthy

Honey is a natural sweetener that boosts the immune system, helps prevent cancer and can be used to heal burns and wounds. Giving a beehive to a family provides them with more than enough honey to help them and their children stay healthy.

3. Honey = Source of Income

Extra honey can be sold to other families as a source of income.

4. Bees Multiply Farm Produce

One beehive can double the yield of local fruits and vegetables over time, helping many families’ gardens and farms thrive.

Donate a beehive through World Help for $160. (Or share in the cost for $16.)

Comment below with your thoughts! Thank you for your loving generosity!


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