5 Ways to Help Refugees

Currently over 21 million people are refugees because of civil wars and terrorism. Many of them are homeless or living in overcrowded refugee camps. Here are five easy ways to love refugees.

1. Give an Aid Kit to Refugees in Europe ($5)

World Help meets travelling refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border and gives out aid kits to them. These kits include important items such as drinking water, food, blankets, hygiene items, and an Arabic New Testament. For only $5, you can give a refugee much-needed supplies and a chance to learn about Christ and his saving grace.

2. Support Refugees by Buying Yogurt

Chobani is an American food company known for its Greek yogurt. Chobani’s founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, is passionate about the refugee crisis and currently employs over 300 resettled Middle Eastern refugees in his factories. Like the rest of his factory workers, they receive above the minimum wage. By purchasing Chobani’s Greek yogurt, you’re helping refugees in the U.S. earn a living (as well as treating yourself to a healthy snack). Chobani can be found in most supermarkets, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Food Lion.

3. Help Refugees in America Find Jobs ($35)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps refugees, asylees, and other immigrants achieve self-sufficiency in the United States. IRC provides immigrants with English language classes, job readiness training and affordable housing. IRC also works with local employers in various cities to find employment opportunities for immigrants. Find a city near you where IRC works and donate $35 to help refugees and immigrants near you find jobs.

4. Help Refugees in Refugee Camps ($25)

Because of their poverty, parents in refugee camps can be easily tricked into selling their daughters into sex slavery (under the guise of a legitimate marriage). After being sexually abused by the men who were supposed to be their husbands, the girls are dropped back at the refugee camp, often pregnant. Because of the culture, the girls are shunned and become vulnerable to being exploited again. Gleaning for the World teaches these girls to sew and gives them materials to start sewing businesses. Gleaning for the World also provides refugee camps with necessities such as clean water, food and medical supplies. Give $25 and provide vulnerable people with help and love.

5. Train Missionaries to Reach Muslim Refugees with The Gospel ($50)

The Greater Europe Mission (GEM) has ministries throughout Europe to reach both resident Muslims and arriving Muslim refugee families. Donate $50 to help train missionaries who will work directly with Muslims in Europe. (If you have a heart to work with refugees, you can also apply to intern with GEM.)

Comment below with your thoughts! Thank you for loving generously.


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