5 Ways to Help Foster Children (If You Can’t Be a Foster Parent)

Over 400,000 children are in the U.S. foster care system. Foster children desperately need foster parents to love, cherish, protect and guide them. However, for those who are unable to foster children, there are still many ways to minister to them. Here are 5 ways you can show love to foster children today.

1. Give a Duffel Bag ($25)

Many children in the foster care system only have a trash bag to carry their belongings in. Together We Rise provides foster children with duffel bags. These “Sweet Cases” come with a teddy bear, hygiene materials, and a coloring book with crayons. Together We Rise also provides age-appropriate Sweet Cases for teenagers. Give a duffel bag to a foster child today for $25.

2. Give a Bike ($60)

Bikes can be a way for children to exercise and have fun. Bikes are also a way for foster teenagers to get to school or to their jobs. Give a foster child a bike for $60 through Together We Rise.

3. Help a Foster Child Go to College ($50)

Few foster youth (only 3%) ever graduate from college. Together We Rise awards 10–15 foster youth with a $90,000 college scholarship every year, which includes support for tuition and housing. Share in the cost for $50 and help a foster child go to college.

4. Help Foster Children Find Their Forever Homes ($50)

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption awards grants to adoption agencies to advocate for the longest-waiting foster children, such as older children or children with mental disabilities. Donate $50 towards the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and help a foster child find a permanent family.

5. Help Foster Parents Help Foster Children

Foster parents will tell you that their job is challenging, but very worth it. Here are a few ways to help foster parents:

  • Listen. Try to avoid making comparisons or giving advice (even if you’re a parent, your children likely do not share the same struggles as many foster children), and simply listen.
  • After listening to foster parents, pray with them for their foster children. Prayer really does make a difference.
  • Help foster parents with their lawn care. By offering to mow their lawn occasionally, you can give a foster parent more time to focus on their children.
  • Give a foster mom a break by preparing a supper for her family. Make sure you check with her ahead of time in case anyone has food allergies.
  • Give a gift card for a nearby grocery store to help them with their grocery expenses.

Feel free to comment below with any other ideas! Thank you for your loving generosity!


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